Thursday, April 3, 2008

Zbrush3 Materials - EMAIL ME YOUR RESULTS!!!

So over the past few days I put together a pack of materials based on different casting and sculpting materials. I didn't create Erklaerbar's material from scratch, just adjusted the intensities and such. I didn't ask for permission from Zbrush Central member Erklaerbar, but I really liked his shader pack and this one was one of my fav's so I included it.

Other than that I created every material from scratch and I feel as a first shot they turned out pretty good! I hope everyone enjoys them!

If you do end up using them on your models drop me an email so I can see how it turned out!
I'd love to see them in use! You can find my email on the contact section of


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Big Update 3d / 2d

So! I have finished a 2D Charcoal figure study and I am really coming along with the Inquisitor model.

The figure study took me 4 weeks to complete and is executed in charcoal. The rough draft/construct can be seen in my earlier posts.

As for the 3d model I am going to attempt to upload a 3d turntable, but if that doesn't work Ill try to fix it asap. ( first time uploading QT )

Also a bunch of progress pics below. I was also messing around with making Zmaterials. T'was fun. I really like the way the Inquisitor is coming along and I hope everyone thinks so as well, but PLEASE, if you have any critiques leave them in the contacts section. I can't thank everyone enough for all of the critical analysis so far. It really helps a lot. ( I still have to address the boots Rowan ;) ENJOY!!